MUSIC: Top 10 Best Tech N9ne Songs

Alright, some things to get out of the way before this list starts. I only like Tech N9ne for his recent recording. Why? Simply, he was a juggalo rapper before, and it wasn't until he "sold out" that his music became tolerable. Another thing, Tech N9ne's best works are his songs where he features other rappers. Not because he can't work by himself, but rather because he has such great synergy with other rappers.

10) Midwest Choppers (from Misery Loves Kompany)

This was the song that I discovered Tech N9ne with. The song really just displays how quickly he can spit. Aside from that, it's a fairly average song. It also features Krizz Kaliko, who is technically (no pun intended) Tech N9ne's sidekick and his best, consistently-featured rapper.

9) Who Do I Catch (from Welcome to Strangeland)

Might as well anger all of my readers early on. Yes, Welcome to Strangeland is Tech N9ne's latest album. And yes, this is the second album that could be considered a sell-out album. However, the fact is that if you use the word "sell-out", then you have no business talking about, or listening to music. This song is basically Tech N9ne reflecting on his career, and is the single best song off of Strangeland.

8) Cult Leader (from All 6s & 7s)

Remember what I said about juggalo's before? Yeah. This song responds to the fact that Tech N9ne's fan-base became close to that of the juggalos.  Luckily, this song is much better than any song ever released by ICP. I digress. This song is the only song that features Liz Suwandi, and doesn't sound childish. Definitely one of the highlights of All 6s & 7s.

7) I Love Music (from All 6s & 7s)

Proof that Tech N9ne's flow is far beyond basic. If you listen closely to what's going on in the background, you'll realize that this song is written in a compound time signature (6/4). This is what give it that feeling of jumping at the end of the phrase. This requires him to extend his phrase an extra two beats, and reset. It sounds a lot simpler than it is.

6) Welcome to the Midwest (from Everready)

There's something about the production of this track that really appeals to me. It's almost like... Bram Stoker meets jazz meets Goosebumps theme song... The rap on it is pretty weak, but luckily the production is extremely solid.

5) Like Yeah (from Killers)

More of a party song, but still a pretty good song. Nothing in the way of production, but it's still very catchy and as always, Tech's rap is over-the-top technical. I'd also say that, aside from Caribou Lou, this is Tech's most famous song.

4) Einstein (from Anghellic)

I still believe that Anghellic was the first good Tech N9ne album. This is easily the second best song from the album, with really cool production and some nice flows on Tech's part. Unfortunately, this song also has, what I believe to be, the worst 10 second period in any Tech N9ne song. Listen to it, and about 3/4 of the way through, you'll probably know what I'm talking about.

3) Worldwide Choppers (from All 6s & 7s)

Alright, this song is like Midwest Choppers except with some of the most intricate hip-hop lyricists in the world. Basically, of the 9 rappers (including Tech) that are featured, 7 of them are among my top 150 favorites, and one of them (Busta Rhymes) is in my top 10 favorite rappers. This song is one of the fastest Tech N9ne songs (think about it, Twisted Insane is featured) and it even includes two foreign rappers. The production is also pretty decent, but it's partially recycled from Midwest Choppers 2.

2) Psycho Bitch (from Anghellic)

This is USUALLY considered Tech N9ne's best song, but as always, I'm not just going to repeat everybody else's top 10 list. The production on this is amazing, using the theme song from the cult classic (and one of my favorite horror films of all time) Halloween. Everything about this song just adds up to 100%. However, I feel that this next song adds up to somewhere near 103%.

1) Promiseland (from All 6s & 7s)

This song is perfect, and more. The production on it is simple, but effective. The vocal work of Nikkiya Brooks (who I feel is a slightly watered-down Erykah Badu) lends itself well to the song. The lyrics are fairly meaningful. Tech's flow is perfect as always. And finally, the little Scarface-themed verse is extremely fitting and almost jaw dropping-ly original. Let the song speak for itself.

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